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Carme Raset



I was born in Girona, Catalunya, Spain. In the seventies I studied Fine Art at the "Massana School", in Barcelona and from then to now I never stopped to learn and to perfect technics and knoledgment in several schools in Barcelona and Girona, the "Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc" was one of them.

I did and participated in several exhibitions in Girona and region, Barcelona and region, Andorra and the South of France. I was finalist of "Cava Reward", in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, in 2000th.

I could talk about studies, exhibitions, success, but I think it could be good for you to know something about me. When I was young, I was a tall girl. As a restult of this, I was always at the end of the classroom, a place not very appreciated, but for me privileged, beacuse it was separated and it let me go unnoticed and at the same time I could devote to do what I loved: to paint.

I drew landscapes... trees... houses... the faces of my friends. When the nun realized, the angry and the punishment came. They collect my little works of art and they destroyed them. But one day, a nun said to my mother: “Don't neglect the draw for your daugther, she has a good hands”.

To paint, for me, it is a communication way. For this reason, I don't mind when I sell a painting. The buyer has appreciated a feeling, an aesthetic, that I got transmit to him/her. My language of shapes and colours has told something to somebody and this is a pleasure for me.

To paint is also a need. During bad and dark periods, the painting has illuminated me. The painting also has been for me a shelter, as I wrote in a poem in 1970th and it was published in catalan (my mother tongue) in the book “Els Ninots” in 1989th. It says:

Beside the absurdity, of the nothingness...
yes, of the nothingness.
With fear and ineffective sadness and empty madness...
zero, zero, zero.
I go.
I'm tired,
fell to pieces.
Whit the soul huge tortured.
The being is equally mysterious that the nothingness.
But the evil frighten me,
I don't understand it.
Good bye for ever.
I go to the Louvre with the madness of Van Gogh.
Picasso left me his "Guernica”.
And Rembrandt his colour”.

Carme Raset

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